The “Russian Three” – lenses for blackmagic pocket cinema camera

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The “Russian Three” – lenses for blackmagic pocket cinema camera

I am not talking about some mob or some other dubious schemes today.

I talk about the “Russian 16mm Lens Kit” for the BMPCC which is a not-so-expensive option for rather good lenses.





The “Russian Three” – lenses for blackmagic pocket cinema camera




Those are three wonderful lenses for blackmagic pocket cinema camera. All are Kiev-16U Mount. You can get adapters and more from RAFKAMERA (which is definitely a high quality source of parts for russian lenses). Starting with the MIR-11 (12,5mm, f=2) on the left, the VEGA-7-1 (20mm, f=2) in the middle and the TAIR-41M (50mm, f=2) on the right, this seems the perfect combo for some shoots in medium light.

As the lenses were made for the KIEV 16mm Camera, they fit perfectly for the BMPCC.

A detailed and extensive test and description of the lenses is found at – he discovered the lenses around the same time i acquired mine. I really like his description.



And i really like the footage those lenses are producing on the BMPCC, but take a look for yourself:

I am currently working on some short films which will show the potential of those lenses. If you want to try yourself, head over to our rental company (jc|media) to check availability.


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  1. Hi my name is Steffen, I want to buy the The “Russian Three” – lenses for blackmagic pocket cinema camera, please can you help with information, I need alse the adapter for the black magic pocket cinema camera. Maybe you can send me a link from the website where I can buy. Thank you


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