Rolling Shutter Explained

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Rolling Shutter Explained

As we had some discussions / clarifications regarding rolling shutter on the Clemen’s MoireĆ© Video, i thought it’s probably a good idea to show you how the different shutter speeds are producing different results.

We did a test shoot for the Kino Kabaret with different shutter speeds, as far i can remember with 1/100, 1/640 and 1/1250 on a 5D MArk II. I only did cut the sequences to a 3-sec, otherwise there’s no modification to the picture (and of course i removed the audio as it’s non relevant).

The faster the shutter speed, the “clearer” you see on a fast movement, and definitely it’s a surprise to see the effect.

I would use it for “artique” shoots where this is probably wanted. You don’t want that effect in a normal film, as it completely distracts the viewers.


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