Rig / Slider Comparison

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Rig / Slider Comparison

A brief summary of Rig / Slider

I did a small comparison of various sliders and rigs which are for amateur (and semi-pro) DSLR filmmakers. Let me know if you have additions, i will gladly include them in my summary.

Igus Slider

My igus slider gear (slider bar plus the slider itself – see left) arrived this week and i am really excited about the smoothness of the slider and the high quality appearance for a “nice” price. Of course you just get the starting point of your great slider dolly. There are no motorized crank handle and belt drive system for that price, so there are some options on the DIY front what you can do.

Check out the “DIY Igus Slider Part II” posts to get some inspiration; however i am looking into something like the Krane Pocket Dolly (see their Product page: Pocket Dolly). I might design my own robot/manual unit for the  igus  and stick my head together with some other DSLR film guys. I have a spare crank handle in my toolbox and getting an Arduino plus Soldering is no problem. I _might_ even also have a box where i can put it in. The good thing about the Arduino solution is that you gain lots of other possibilities, like Follow Focus Control plus Movement plus … I’ll keep you updated.


Another solution is to use wheels instead of the slider.  rigwheels.com  offer a set of 4 wheels for 115$ and they are offering a budget slider track. I haven’t tried it yet, but what i can judge from the videos is a good quality, similar if not the same as igus. It’s a different system, so it’s not limited to the “slider rail” usage.
You can actually use the RigWheels to do a large dolly. rigwheels have lots of videos which demonstrate the various uses, including a PVC dolly and a Policase Dolly. Go check it out!


I saw this Slider review on the 5D page from one of their contributors.
Go check it out on the 5D Page: IndySlider Review;  To shortly summarize his views: Solid Equipment, Deluxe version comes with handle, which is definitely preferable. The cons are that it wiggles a bit and is loud when being slid at a higher speed.

By checking their webpage, i see lots of additional tools available for their slider ( mini legs etc.). It’s definitely worth considering this Rig as well (i don’t use my slider in a “rush” but rather for slow camera drives).


There are plenty of options available for Rigs and Sliders. I will definitely do a bit more research as there seems lots of development going on ( CineSkates, MicroDolly etc. etc.)


Make sure you get the right tripod which can hold either of those sliders, as some of them can be heavy. Probably get a Monopod in addition to your tripod. This adds another level of stability.

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