Modogrip: from kickstarter to us (soon).

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Modogrip: from kickstarter to us (soon).

You know my fable for kickstarter projects. After the cineskates tip from fitza i looked around what similar – good ideas – are on kickstarter. And there it is: Modogrip. A very nice idea to combine a monopod with skates and handles and …

But let a video speak for itself:

So … what is Modogrip?
  Modogrip are handles and wheel mounts that transform a monopod into a do-it-all filmmaking tool.  Allowing every videographer and filmmaker to capture steady camera shots, set up and film dolly moves in an instant and do out of this world boom shots that would normally require a jib arm/boom plus crew.  And most importantly Modogrip is a all-in-one product and portable.

I will do an extensive test of the modogrip together with fitza and some other guys of pengland and will report you live first footage !

Until now, head to the Modogrip page on or check their page

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