igus diy slider (The second)

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igus diy slider (The second)

We now have two igus sliders for use ( and rental), one will be the “superpig” controllable, with two motor drives and timelapse function etc. etc. etc. I think it will be “uberslider” because of the amount of features packed into the arduino ( a programmable device with add-on board). But more about this in a later post.

I’ve built another high quality, low price slider using the igus slider, some aluminum parts from thailand and a german anodizing company.

The first photo shows the parts as they arrived from Thailand, second one shows them (one week later) black anodized. It was really worth it, as the aluminum is now protected (and it looks great in matte black). So now we got a fully functional slider – kind of – as i need to adjust some parts, the rubber band and some spacers before it’s fully usable. Also i might have damaged one of the bearings, so it’s not as liquid as it could be.

So in about one week timeframe, the slider is fully finished and ready for use. I’ll do some demo shoots later this week if i find some more time. If you’re interested in the sources of the individual items, i will (one all finished) compile a parts list and source distributors.

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  1. hi, i’ll start my own sliderproject within the next few weeks and i’m already anxious to improve my friends simple design 😉

    your diy-igus slider looks very cool! i do have one question: where did you get those adjustable legs from?

    with kind regards, lo

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