GoPro HD – Timelapse and CineFormStudio

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GoPro HD – Timelapse and CineFormStudio

Surprised by the DHL guy on sunday i finally got my GoPRO HD from USA. I am amazed by the amount of tools which GoPro supplies with the purchase.

So we’re starting to make some tests now, first i try the timelapse photography and later this week – right before christmas – will add some slow motion shots (60fps slowed down). Then the sliderpig is next followed by the Tricopter FPV ( if i ever get it to calibate and work ).

Back to GoPro: Some weeks ago i also installed the -free- CineFormStudio from GoPro to play around with. Speaking about the GoPro HD itself i am surprised about the sheer amount of mounting tools which are included. I did start with some videos not worth mentioning, but i tried the timelapse photography. I am quite surprised about the easy conversion of the tool. The result of my “test” out of the window of my apartment can be seen below. Interval photography was set to 5 sec/photo and the frame rate set to 25.00.

After the export i did some post processing in FinalCut Pro and played around with the different Retiming speeds. So the best combination to have a smooth flow effect to have a 25 fps with 200% retiming.

Here’s Vimeo:

and here’s Youtube, in case you like that more:



  1. Nice footage, JC! You can always hack GoPro tools, too. We’ve had some great results screwing the helmet mount to a ski pole and taking rotation shots that way. Did you ever end up getting the Tricopter?

    • Tricopter is unfortunately still in making.

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