Final Cut/SSD everywhere: Worlds Fastest MacBook Pro

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Final Cut/SSD everywhere: Worlds Fastest MacBook Pro

During the evaluation of various methods to speed up the Final Cut X rendering i came across SSD’s. As i am more or less limited to the iMac side of things ( as i am not using a macbook to edit cuts because it “was” to slow).

Things have changed, and have released a “modded” version of the Macbook Pro, delivering Raid-0 over SSD within the MacBookPro making it effectively the Worlds Fastest MacBook Pro.

The monstrous power of a 13″-MacBook Pro combined with 16 GB DDR3 RAM and a 1 TB-Samsung 830 SATA III SSD as the biturbo’s heart bundled in a Raid-0

For a total of about 3000 EUR you get a highly tuned machine for video cutting, or whatever you want to do with the fastest MacBook Pro. I might consider this upgrade/new purchase of that modded MacBook, as it will enable to use Editing closer to the  filming process. Especially good for guerrilla filmmaking, when you can save time (or review film material for re-shoot).

They do provide the converter kit for using the optical drive, but the other modifications you usually do itself. However – it’s not rocket science, but good german engineering.

Go – check it out at :

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