Film: No expensive lenses needed

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Film: No expensive lenses needed

Turns out (and i knew it a long time) a filmmaker does not need expensive lenses. With the expensive Prime Lenses a decent filmmaker is able to get consistency between different shots. Let’s face it: We’re not looking at the Hollywood scene, but merely at the whole of filmmaking (there’s more than Hollywood) including festivals, program cinemas, arthouse cinema and lots of variations, even B-movie.

Speaking of myself as a filmmaker (as being a part of the short movie selection group at FILMZ Festival) i mostly observe the increasing quality (tech-wise) of the short movies but honestly, most of them lack good storytelling.

If you compare movies such as Kung Fury or (a german short: ‘Kopfkino’ from Malin Koch) with other “Highclass” Movies such as recent blockbusters, you’ll get my point.
While speaking of blockbusters – can we please find a new term for successful movies ? A good film is not “busting the block” anymore.

As also written in ‘Avengers vs. Akira: A Video Exploration of What Makes Kurosawa a Master of Movement‘ it is the movement which lacks in most modern movies.
You see lots of motion in Akira Kurosawa’s directing movies. They described it very well. Take a look for yourself:

That’s only one part of the whole story. You don’t need expensive lenses, we can see in the recent test from RocketFilmSchool:

That is one of the reasons why i like cheap, vintage lenses such as Pentax-110 or the Russian Combo. They give you freedom in expression as they are unique in their expression and capturing the moment. And as some other filmmakers mentioned, the Pentax-110 even works with Super35 Cameras such as Sony F55. So why not choosing them for your next short movie ?


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