Camera Cage Howto Pt.1

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Camera Cage Howto Pt.1

To document my efforts for the correct dslr camera cage setup – and to share the knowledge – i am starting a camera cage howto “tutorial” series. As you may know, my cameras are the 5D Mk2, the 550D and recently GoPro HD. For all those cameras, i am looking for the most ideal setup.

My base cages are from Gini Racks (Links: Website ; Ebay) as well as my whole camera rig, so i can reuse parts from each setup to get the best out of it. Left of it you see the “medium” size Cage version. I also own the larger one, which also has two Base Plates and a hand grip.

First i tried to gain information how other suppliers and users are setting up their cage, i was able to find the usual “suspects”:,,, and much much more. Thru their pictures they give a lot of hints, but no “hands-on-tutorial” for doing it correctly or most effectively.

I am not claiming that my ideas and thoughts are the ultimate wisdom, but i try to express and summarize my ideas and of course your input to this tutorials and hope that they are helpful for your setups.

Cage and the Camera

As you can see in my example on the left side, i started with mounting the EOS 5D MK2 into the cage with the Set screw, however i need to find a better way, as the screw is hard to mount as it locks before the Canon is tightly fit. Only option is to remove the cage and set the canon. This definitely needs to be fixed, as its hard to get it to work otherwise. You need to ensure that you can access the ports on the left side (hdmi, Controls etc.) freely. I’ll do some more research on that topic later.

Next Part will be about the Grips, Follow Focus and Recording Parts (e.g. Monitor, Audio, Cabling)

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