CagePro Upgrade 2.0

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CagePro Upgrade 2.0

To make make CagePro Cage for the GoPro3 more usable, i am in the process of adding Video Out and Audio In. As you can see, the modification is straightforward and easy to do with the right tools.

I am only faced with some issues (which you might have an idea of):

  1. Sound is filled with hum noise when the Monitor is connected. If i remove the coax cable from Video-In, everything is fine.
  2. Lifting GND does not help, neither caps, capacitors or resistors (tried everything).
  3. It is definitely not related with the power input of the CagePro. I already ruled that out.
  4. It’s definitely coming in over the coax. Either it’s floating ground or some weird issue.

Good thing is:

  1. Video Out works perfectly with BNC.
  2. Why i use BNC ? Gives the possibility to use T-Connectors and distribute the signal to a video transmitter plus the Monitor out.


  1. Find a good and doable solution for Audio In. Either i use 3.5mm plugs or XLR, but the space is limited inside the current cage.

If you’re looking for technical information about the USB connector on the GoPro3, check

And the best: It’s available for rent starting 15.January 2014

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