In order to enable more people to use the right C-Mount lenses for their cameras, we decided to offer a lens database for those. It is far from complete, so bear with us and supply us with information if you have a lens not on this list.

We are aiming to provide footage as well (Vimeo/Youtube Links or Photos) to supply a valueable resource for you out there. If you have a lens which is not on the list (or a C-Mount[able] Camera) please let us know by writing either a comment or send us a message with the details.

Crop Factors

This table shows the various crop factors (multiplicators) for the cameras i generally use. Feel free to provide more.

Camera / SensorLens Size
H/V in mm
Crop Factor
(against 35mm)
Crop Factor
(against S16)
Crop Factor
(against M43)
Digital Bolex D1612.85 x 9.642.69
1.001.35native C-Mount
Blackmagic Pocket Camera (BMPCC)12.48 x> C Adapter
Blackmagic Cinema Camera15.81 x 8.872.390.881.19MFT-> C Adapter
Blackmagic Production Camera21.12 x 11.881,790.660.89MFT-> C Adapter
Canon 7D22.3 x 14.9
1.60.600.81EF-> C Adapter
Canon 5D Mark 336 x 241.000.370.50EF-> C Adapter
GoPro Hero 3+ 1/2.3? sensor5.71.671.99applies to Ribcage Mod
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH417.3 x 13.0 mm2.0 (or 2x2 in UHD)0.741.00max res. 4608 x 3456


C-Mount Lenses

Disclaimer: Data sources are: EOSHD which already started a compatibility list for BMPCC. But our database will cover other Cameras as well.
I also started to add lenses from Source1 and Facebook Groups.

Lens VendorLens InfoLens SizeBMPCCBolex D16GH4
Ampex Vidicon22.5-90mm f1.5
Ampex Vidicon75mm 1.9
Angenieux75mm f2.5
Angenieux15mm f1.3
Angenieux12-120mm f2.2
Angenieuxf2.2 17-68mm Type L3
Angenieuxf2.8 15-150mm
Angenieuxf=1.3 15mm
Angenieux25mm f0.95
Angenieux10mm f/1.8Yes (dark corners)
Angenieux9.5mm f2.2
Angenieuxf1.9 10mm BOLEX
Angenieux25mm f1.4
Angenieux12-120mm f2.2 Bolex RX
Angenieux8-64mm f1.9
Angenieuxf=2.5 100mm
Angenieuxf1.5 50mm S5 Bolex
Angenieux Arriflex15-150mm f3.1
Angenieux BNCR Arriflex Anamorphic Aaton50-500mm
Apollo25mm, f/0.85YesYes
APOLLO ZOOMf1.8 18-90mm
Arri Angenieux25-100mm Arriflex Bayonet Aaton Red 4K
Arri PL Arriflex Optar Illumina8mm T1.3 Super 16 Aaton
Astro Berlin Pan Tachar150mm f1.8
Astro-Berlin TACHONAR35mm f1
Bausch et Lomb TELE ANIMAR - BALCOTE75mm f3.5
Bausch Lomb ANIMA25mm f1.9
Bell et Howell25mm f1.9
Bell et Howell ANGENIEUX BOLEX10mm
Bell et Howell Comat 1inchf2.5
Bell et Howell lens Angenieux 3inchf2.5 75mm
Bell et Howell Lumaxf1.9 25mm
Bell et Howell Lumax 1Inchf1.9 35mm
Bell et Howell MICROSCOPE
Bell et Howell P. ANGENIEUX PARISf1.3 15mm
Bell et Howell SUPER COMAT BOLEX KERNf2.50.7 In
Bell et Howell Telate100mm f4.5
Bolex Kodak ANASTIGMAT20mm f3.5
Bolex Switar75mm f1.9
Bolex Switar25mm f1.4 H-16 RX
Bolex Switar10mm f1.6 AR
Bolex Switarf1.8 16mm H-16 RX
Bosden50mm 2inch
Boyer Paris Saphirf=2.3 20mm
Canon15-75mm f2.1
Canonf1.8 25-100mm
Canon Cine 8 Lens C-8-13mm f1.4
Canon lens25mm f0.78
Canon Tele100mm f2
Canon TV17-102 f/2,0
Canon TV16-50mm f/1,8
Canon TV Bolex PHF12mm f1.2
Canon TV lens16-50mm f1.8
Canon TV Lens50mm f0.95
Canon TV Zoom f1.618-108mm
Canon TV ZOOM V101515-150mm f2.8
Canon V5x20 20-100mm 1"YesYesYes
Canon V6x1616-100mm Zoom f1.9
CANON ZOOMf2.4 13-130mm
Carl Meyerf3.5 200mm8 in
Carl Meyer movie lens38mm f1.01.5 In
Carl Meyer Speedf1.4 50mm2 inch
Carl Meyer TELEPHOTOf2.8 135mm
Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar25mm f1.4
Carl Zeiss Jena Ddr TEVIDONf1.4 50mm LENS
Carl Zeiss Jena Ddr TEVIDONf1.8 50mm LENS
Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Tevidon25mm f1.4
Century9mm f1.8
Century IIf4.5 385mm
Century Precision150mm f2.8
Century WIDE ANGLEf1.8 3.5mm
Cine Paragonf1.5 8mm
Cine Superf0.95 25mm
CINETEL f5.6 375mm BOLEX
Cinetelf=15 373mm
CMD CCTV Lens5-50mm f/1,61/3"Vignette
Computar10-25mm f1.4
Computarf1.3 12.5
Computarf1.3 16mm
Computarf1.3 12mm
Computar6mm f1.8
Computar MC Zoomf3.5-5.3 28-200mm
Computar TV Lens25mm f/1.8Yes
Computar TV lensf1.3 50mm
Cooke Filmo Special1 inch f1.8 4A
Cooke Ivotalf1.4 25mm
Cooke Kinic Taylor HOBSONf1.5 25mm
Cooke Telekinicf4.5 100mm
Cooke Telekinic ANASTIGMAT TAYLOR HOBSONf4.5 150mm
Cooke Telekinic ANASTIGMAT TAYLOR HOBSONf3.3 95mm
Cosinaf0.95 25mm
Cosina TV LENS12.5mm f1.4
Cosina Voigtlander Nokton35mm f1.2
Cosina Voigtlander Nokton50mm F1.5
Cosmicar12.5mm f/1.8Yes
Cosmicar 6.5mm f1.8 lensYes
Cosmicar50mm, f/1,8yes
Cosmicarf1.4 50mm
Cosmicar12.5MM f1.4
Cosmicarf1.8 25mm
Cosmicar16mm f1.6 Wide Angle TV Lens
Cosmicar150mm. f3.2
Cosmicarf1.5 8.5mm
Cosmicar Pentax15-180mm TV f1.9
Cosmicar PENTAX25mm F2.8 LENS 1inch
Cosmicar PENTAX8.5MM F1.5
Cosmicar PENTAX50mm f2.8
Cosmicar PENTAX TV LENS25mm f1.4
Cosmicar Television Lens75mm f1.9
Cosmicar TVf1.8 50mm
Dallmeyerf=1.9 75mm
Dallmeyerf=3.5 100mm
Dallmeyer1inch f1.9 25mm
Dallmeyerf1.3 12mm
Dallmeyer Kinematographf=2.5 75mm
Dallmeyer Telephotof3.5 75mm
Dragonmarts6-15mm CS Vario f/1,41/3"Vignette
ElgeetCINE-TEL 3 78mm f2.9
Elgeet1inch f1.9 25mm
Elgeet25mm F1.5
Elgeet75mm F3
Elgeet13mm f1.5 Prime Wide Angle
Elgeetf2.5 13mm Wide Angle
Elgeet Cine Navitar Wide angle12mm f1.2
Elitarf3.5 150mm
Elitar13MM f1.5
Elitar SOLIGOR FASTf1.9 75mm
Enna Munich Ennagonf2.8 50mm
Ernitek50mm f1.3
Frilon70mm F1.5 LENS
Fuji Fujinon TVf1.4 12.5mmYes
Fujian25mm, f/1,4Yes
Fujinon75mm f1.8 TV16
Fujinon12.5mm / f1.4Yes, Vignetting.
Fujinon ZOOM10.5-147mm f1.9Yes, ideally with 1.5x
Fujinon ZOOMf1.2 12.5-75mm
Goerz Hyparf3 75mm
Goerz HYPARf2.7 15mm
Goerz Hypar25mm F3
Goldinar TV lensf1.4 25mm
Graf Anastigmat50mm f3.5
Hecanon75mm f1.9
Hugo Meyer Makro Plasmatf=2.7 50mm
Ilex CinematF3-5 25mm1 In
Ilex Teletar50mm f3.5
Izukarf1.6 16mmYes, http://y2u.be/U_juhyXxL04
J.H. DallmeyerNo 9 Kinematograph
Jvc-TV Zoomf1.8 15-60mm
Kenr Paillard150mm f4
Kenr Paillard macro-switar36mm f1.4
Kenr Paillard switar16mm f1.8
Kenr Paillard yvar16mm f2.8Yes
Kenr yvar75mm f2.8
Kern Cooke Datalf1.9 25mm
Kern Hobson TELEKINIC150mm BOLEX
Kern MACRO-SWITARf1,3 12,5mm
Kern Paillard , Macro Switar Bolexf1.9 75mm
Kern Paillard LENS,f1.4 25mm
Kern Paillard Switar10mm f1.8 R21
Kern Paillard Switar ARf1.4 25mm
Kern Paillard Switar ARf1.5 25mm
Kern Paillard Switar H8 RXf1.3 12mm
Kern Paillard Switar H8 RX, BOLEXf1.6 5.5mm
Kern Paillard Switar H16 RXf1.6 10mm
Kern Paillard Yvar, Lens Bolexf1,4 25mm
Kern Switar10mm f/1.6Yes w/corners
Kern Switar Macro switar,26mm f1.1
Kern Vario-Switar Compactf3.5 17-85mmYes, partial corner
Kern Yvar ,75mm f2.8
Kern Yvar , Prime Telephoto150mm f4
Kern Yvar Stereo Bolex,f2.8 12.5mm
Kilfitt Macro Zoomar,f4 50-125mm
Kilfitt Macro,f=2.8 40mm
Kilfitt Zoomar TV Macromar,f2.8 36mm
Kinoptik ,5.7mm f1.8
Kinoptik Apo,f2 18mm
Kinoptik Apo,2 25mm
KINOPTIK Paris Angular12.5mm f2.5
Kinotar Professional25mm f1.4
Kinotar Professional,12.5mm f1.4
Kinotel1.9mm f1
Kodac cine ektar15mm f2.5N/AYesYesYes
Kodac cine ektar50mm f1.9
Kodac eastman cine ektar lens25mm f1.9
Kodac eastman cine ektar lens15mm f2.5
Kodak Anastigmatf2.7 63mm
Kodak Anastigmat25mm, f/1,9YesYes
Kodak Anastigmat15mm f2.7
Kodak Cine Ektar25mm f1.4
Kodak Eastman63mm F2.7 Cine Anastigmat 16mm
Kowa6mm LM6HC, f/1,81 InchYesYes
KOWA ZOOMf1.8 12.5-75mm
Leica Hektor Rapidf1.4 27mm
Leica Leitz Elcan25mm f1.4
Leitz Macro Cinegon10mm f/1.8Yes, w/corners
Lytar25mm f1.9
Lytar Berthiot SOMf1.8 25mm
Lytar Bolexf1.9 25mm
Malinar Bolex H1615mm f2.2 H16
Mamiya - SEKOR110mm f2.8
Mamiya Seckor35 mm f3.5
Mamiya Seckor210mm f4.0
Meopta Largorf1.8 12,5mmYes, Vignetting
Meopta Openar2.8 80mm
Meopta Openarf1.8 40mm
Meopta Openar1.8 20mmYes, http://y2u.be/bnwQWsX7BcE
Meyer Goerlitzf4 100mm
Meyer Goerlitz Tele Megorf4 150mm
Meyer Gorlitz Kino Plasmat f=1.5 15mm
Meyer Primoplanf1.5 25mm
Meyer Trioplanf2.8 17mm
MILTAR4.5 254mm
Navitronf=0.95 50mm
Nikon Cine Nikkor13mm f/1.8Yes
Nikon Cine Nikkor25mm f/1.8Yes
Noctilux TV lens50mm f0.95
Pentax25mm f/1.4Yes
Pentax4.8MM F1.81/3"NoYes
Primoplan Extolf1.5 25mm
Rainbow G10X16MEA TV Zoom Lens16-160mm f2.2
Revere Scienar Anastigmat25mm 2.5N/AYes
Rossf1.9 25mm1 in
Schneider Cine-Tele-Xenar75mm f3.8Yes,
Schneider Cinegonf1.8 11,5 mmYes, vignetting
Schneider Optivaron6-70mm, f/1,4Yes
Schneider Variogonf2 18-90mmYesYesETC Mode
Schneider XENONf1,5 25mm
Schneider Xenoplan17mm f/1.7Yes (blurry corners)
Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenon16mm f/2Yes.
Schneider-Kreuznach CINEGON,10mm F1.8Yes, 2% edge vignettingYes ETC Mode
Schneider-KREUZNACH TELE-XENAR,f3.8 100mm
Schneider-KREUZNACH XENAR,f2.8 100mm
Schneider-KREUZNACH XENAR,150mm f4
Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon25mm f/0.95Yes
Siemens Spiegel-Hypomediarf6,8 200mm
SLR Magic11mm F1.4Yes
Soligorf=1.9 75mm
Som Berthiot20-60mm f2.8
Som Berthiot38mm f2.7
Som Berthiot75mm f2.5
Som Berthiotf2.8 15mm
Som Berthiotf3.8 17-85mm
Som Berthiot BOLEXf1.9 10mm
Som Berthiot Cinorf1.4 25mm
Som Berthiot Cinorf1.5 15mm
Som Berthiot CINOR25mm
Som Berthiot Cinorf1.5 25mm
Som Berthiot Cinor Prototypf2 76mm 2x38mm
Som Berthiot LYTAR BOLEXf1.9 25mm
Som Berthiot Pan Cinorf3.4 25-100mm
Som Berthiot TELE-CINOR2.5mm f75
Som Berthiot ZOOM LENSf2.4 17-70mm
Steinheil Cassar75mm f3.5
Steinheil Quinonf=1.5 25mm
Switarf1.8 16mm
Switar Bolex H16 RX Lens10mm f1.6
Switar Lens Bolex Beaulieu10mm 1.6
Tamron TVf=1.8 6.5mm
Tamron TVf=2 4.5mm
Tarcus motor zoomf=1.6 10-100mm
Taylor et Hobson BOLEX COOKE25mm f3.5
Taylor et Hobson Cookef3.5 25mm1 in
Taylor et Hobson Cookef3.5 35mm1.5 in
Taylor et Hobson Cooke100mm f3
Taylor et Hobson Cookef3.5 35mm1/2 in
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Anastigmatf2.71 in
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Anastigmat Series VIII312mm f5.6
Taylor et Hobson COOKE BOLEXBOLEX0.7 in
Taylor et Hobson Cooke KinicTTH f3.5 50mm2 in
Taylor et Hobson COOKE TELEKINIC75mm f2.8
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Telekinicf4.5 100mm4 in
Taylor et Hobson Cooke Telekinicf4.5 Lens 100mm4 in
Taylor et Hobson Kinic25mm f1.5
Taylor et Hobson MONITAL ZOOMf2.1 20-100mm
Taylor et Hobson SERITALf1.9 25mm1 in
Taylor-Hobson25mm f/1.9Yes
Taylor-Hobson Cooke Kinic25mm f/1.3Yes
Tele Xenarf2.8 75mm
Telecentric Moritex195mm f4
Tokinaf=1.3 50mm
Tokina8mm f1.3
Tokina FASTf1.4 25mm
Tokina TV ZOOMf1.8 16-160mm
Tokina TV Zoom lens MACRO12.5-75mm f1.8
Traid Pantel250mm f4
Ultron28mm f2
Voigtlander Skoparexf/3,4 35mm
Wesley25mm f/1.4Yes
Wolensak50mm f1.5 Lens
Wolensak Cine-Velostigmatf1.9 25mm1 in
Wolensak hood cine-velf1.5 25mm1in
WOLF DENMARK ZOOMf1.7 17.5-105mm
Wollensakf4 78mm3 in
Wollensak Cine Raptar12.5mm f/1.5Yes
Wollensak Cine Raptar25mm f/1.9Yes
Wollensak CINE RAPTAR25MM F2.51 in
Wollensak CINE TELEPHOTOf4.5 150mm
Wollensak cine velostigmac25mm f=2.7
Wollensak Kodakf3.5 50mm
Wollensak Raptar17mm f2.7
Wollensak Raptarf=1.5 13mm1/2 inch
Wollensak Raptar100mm f=4.54 in
Xenoplanf1.7 17mm
Yashica TV Lensf1.3 12.5mm
Yvar for Bolex12.5mm f2.8 AR
Zeika25mm f0.95
Zeiss Biotar1.4 20mm
Zeiss Biotar2 40mm
Zeiss Biotar1.4 16mm
Zeiss PL Optex12-120mm Arriflex Red One MK II S16
Zeiss Tevidon10mmYesYes
Zeiss Tevidon18- 90mm F2
Zeiss Tevidonf1.8 50mm
Zeiss Tevidonf1.9 35mm
Zeiss Vario18-90mm f2
Zolomatics22.5-90mm f1.5