Are smartphones the new cameras ?

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Are smartphones the new cameras ?

Watching the post about the newest ad from Bentley shot (and edited) in a Bentley using iPhones made me wonder.

While reading the post from learning that Bentley has not only shot but edited the  Film on iphone/ipad in the Bentley i wonder if the smartphones are now the new cameras or are the cameras the new smartphones. Around everything you see a “mashup” of different technologies. What those ad’s and posts are not transporting, is the message that it is not the tool that defines you, but it is the creativity and out-of-box thinking and at least “vision” of a movie or commercial is much more important.

There are Billions of Smartphones with a decent camera and video function on the market. So why don’t we see billions of good blockbuster movies ? Clear answer: most of the people lack creativity or they are just consumers, who watch videos (mostly of cats probably) like others eat hamburgers. I’m not a sceptic, but i’d like to see more people actually thinking and develop creativity.

In the 50/60/70ies it was Sci-Fi-Movie who defined how the future would look like, and now in the next century, people got inspired by it and made the vision (partially) true. There are lots of stories out there, but the people wear sunglasses at night so that they don’t see them. Some people (like Philip Bloom) are different, see the “Barbie Cam Challenge”.

I’ve ordered a Beastgrip for the iphone, not only for myself to utilize more of my c-mount lenses, but also to give the people at the KinoKabaret the possibility to make great movies with just a smartphone.

Speaking of the videos, take a look for yourself:


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