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Something about gfm.me

guerrillafilmmaking.tv (or gfm.me short) is run by jc|media. Our aim is to provide a resource not only for guerrilla filmmakers but to everyone interested in filmmaking without big budgets.

jc|media supports local filmmaking in the Rhein-Main Area of Germany and provide rental services for selected equipment. If you want something covered on our website, let us know!


jan czmok is a passionate camera operator, editor, and podcaster based in Mainz, Germany. The experience leads from short films, documentary and educational material. gfm.me started as a project from

jc|media around 2012. He writes reviews, and shares tools and techniques for filmmakers and DoPs.


Here you find the current showreel of 2013/2014/2015 of our recent productions. We either edited, recorded or DoP’ed the films.